Gouda has been adopted!

Tuxedo / Maine Coon Mix

In her classic coat of long and luxurious black and white, Gouda is a gorgeous little girlie! With a beautiful face, with elegant black velvet “drapes”, a perfect polka dot highlighting her pink satin nose, and her pristine white bib and ballet slippers, this doll is picture-perfect! She and her four cheese-named siblings fill their lively days with funny kitten explorations and adventures, usually led by her! She was the first one who ventured out of the crate when she arrived at her foster home, and has been the fearless, adventurous, and independent leader of the pack ever since! When this sweetie is ready for snuggles, her motorboat purr revs up, and she settles right in for cozy cuddles, petting, and affection. She has gotten along with bigger cats, one little and one big dog, and an older child, and would probably also do well as an only child. Could glamourous, good-natured, and lovable Gouda be the gouda-est girl in your forever family? 

Littermates:  Brie, Colby, Mozzy, Pepper Jack