Diego has been adopted!

Orange w/white

Diego hopes you have a shoulder to ride on and time to roll him around on your lap when he lands there for affection. He’s all warm orange tabby wonderfulness, as classic a kitty as there is! With his fun-loving siblings, playtimes with any kind of toy and plenty of made up games and romps fill part of each day with comedy and kitten busyness! They all have big, bold purrs, and this sweetheart’s is no exception! His enthusiasm for fun plus affection may have him climbing right up your leg (better wear pants!) to get to your arms or your shoulder! He’s never rude, but he is determined! And who can resist when he’s such a funny, loving, cloud-soft guy who’s greatest wish is to be loved and enjoyed!  Darling Diego hopes you choose him!

Littermates:  Benjamin, Daisy, Phineas