Phineas has been adopted!


Fuzzy wuzzy Phineas was born to be a purrfect little ambassador of love and friendliness. In his pale apricot and ivory, cloud-soft suit of watercolor stripes, he’s a classic buff tabby boy from whiskers to tail! He always hopes you’ll have time to scoop him up for a quick snuggle or a nice, long lounge in your lap, even if you interrupt a romp or adventure with his three lively siblings! His wonderful, ready purr is just one more of his sweet gifts, and nothing comes before an opportunity for affection for this sweetheart! His loving nature and easy-going friendliness will make him a beloved companion in a forever home as great as he is. He loves to make biscuits with his best bud Dodger who he was fostered with. He loves to explore and will leap from where ever he is too come greet you. Darling Phineas would love to be your forever boy! If your looking for a pair Dodger would love to come along with his step brother Phineas.


Littermates:  Benjamin, Daisy, Diego