Kitten 20819's adoption is in progress!

Domestic Medium Hair
Black and White
5 months old

Kitten 20819 is ready for adoption. She was born near a local town, shortly after her mom abandoned her. Since her arrival she's been vaccinated, spayed and now she's ready to rock n' roll. She gets along very well with other kittens and is instantly pals with them! Games of chasing other kittens or rolling toys around the room is something she is always doing. This fluffy cloud soft gal also enjoys a nice nap in a warm blanket, she is also a fan of her wet food. She is on the shy side, you can see in her eyes that she wants all the cheek and head scratches, this gal will run up to you and everything but she wants to make sure she can absolutely trust you! That takes time, this fluffy sweetheart just needs a patient and understanding family to give her that love, trust and time.