Tucker has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair

On four little white velvet feet, irresistible Tucker bounds onto the scene to dazzle anyone available for fun or affection! He’s bold and funny and vocal and will announce his arrival so there’s no question that he’s lookin’ for some lovin’! This sweet and spunky guy has a non-stop purr and loves to drape over your shoulder where he hopes you’ll scratch his head while he snuggles right in! In endless kitten adventures and comical explorations with his three spunky siblings, he is the most spunky and adventurous one! Every toy whether is rolls, bounces, crinkles, or flies is an instant favorite and gets his full attention over and over! This friendly guy is also good with children. There is no more classic boy than an orange striped tabby, and this one is a showstopper with deep russet stripes, ivory feet and the sweetest sugar-kissed smile! When you look into those big, soulful eyes, Tucker hopes you see the boisterous and loving boy to be your special joy!

Littermates:  Taylor, Teagan, Tessa
Kittens 1 and 2