Juniper has been adopted!

Orange w/ white

Meet cuddlekitty Juniper, an adorable doll who’s part nurse, part happy playmate, and totally a lovebug! Her silky coat is a classic orange sherbet and vanilla cream and beautifully soft from her long, elegant nose to her velvety ringed tail! But it’s her great sweetness that will make her a joyful addition in a forever home that will treasure her. She’s a special needs darling due to her limited eyesight that does not slow her down one bit! She’s great with other cats and with dogs and never misses an opportunity for fun, but always maintains her problem-free behavior! Like a precious, furry nurse she always has your comfort and happiness in mind and will come running to see if you’re okay if she thinks you’re crying or if you say “ow”. Then she snuggles up for good measure to make it all better. Kneading soft, fuzzy blankets is another of this loving sweetie’s specialties! A purrfect home where she will be adored and given a bit of extra protection is Juniper’s fondest wish. Could you be the one to make this darling girl’s wish come true! She will needs some special care in a new home until she learns where everything is.