Wobbles has been adopted!



Sweet Wobbles is one of the sweetest kitties we've ever seen! Even though she is pretty wobbly (see below), it does NOT slow her down and she runs, she climbs on cat trees, she likes to be held, she plays with her brothers, and she uses the litterbox like a champ. She has been examined by veterinarian Dr. Konrad who assures us that she has an excellent prognosis and wonderful future.

Wobbles has a condition/disability known as Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH for short). This condition is not contagious to other kittens or cats, does not cause the kitty any pain, and most learn to adapt to their disability over time. CH kitties are prone to losing their balance and should stay safely indoors. Depending on the severity of the CH, some CH cats may benefit from food dishes raised up off the ground a bit. Others may benefit from carpeted pet stairs to help them climb onto a high bed ~ though most do not. CH Cats have a normal life expectancy provided they are given a safe environment and some extra watching and care.  Please see this article (and feel free to do you own research) before applying for a CH kitty!