Alonzo is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

4 months old

I am the Great Alonzo, a handsome boy who is very energetic and affection, but independent too! My face has perfect black velvet “drapes”, and the rest of me is pure modern art! I can entertain myself for hours with toys, and I get along very well with my five happy siblings and my foster cat uncles. After a long day of play, I will come to you for snuggles and will curl right up next to you or in your lap if it’s available.  I love back scratches the most and will be your biggest fan if you save your best ones for me! I like to be held and hugged so I can look at my surroundings over your shoulder. I’m typically very quiet, so if you hear me meow, better come and see what’s up. I’m enthusiastic about everything, including food, so don’t be surprised if I try to get a look and even a nibble of what you are a eating! I’m handsome, happy, lively, and lovable Alonzo and hope to soon be the boy with the buoyant spirit who always makes you smile! 

Littermates:  Ajax, Alexander, Artemis, Ember, Maximus

Please note:

  • Alonzo is ok with dogs
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