Grace's adoption is in progress!

Domestic Short Hair
5 months old

Gorgeous, girlie Grace is a true beauty inside and out! Her loving spirit made her an instant friend to Biscuit and Giblet even though they had been in their foster home a week ahead of her. Happy, busy playtimes with them keep things hopping, especially with the kitty race tracks, scratchers, catnip-filled toys, and the laser pointer! She has encountered the adult cats and the dogs and doesn’t seem phased by them. During the day you can often find her snoozing on the window ledge where she enjoys a great view of the big world. This darling girl is luxuriously soft, sugar-sweet, and irresistible as a perfectly delectable marshmallow, and has the cutest little meow that she uses when she hopes to get your attention! Excellent biscuit-making is also one of this doll’s talents! Beautiful, lively, loving Grace will be in a treasure in a sweet forever home that will cherish her for the many gifts she is waiting to share! Could it be yours?!

Please note:

  • Grace is ok with dogs