Angus is available for adoption at our Friant Rd Petco Adoption Center

8 months old

Three little snugglebugs, darling Angus, Annie, Acer, are classic gray and white fuzzy wuzzies who were rescued from a feral colony so they would have great futures of love and security. They are soft as cotton balls, with sweet little sugar-kissed faces and beautiful, soulful eyes that will tug at your heartstrings! What a friendly trio they are too, out-going and companionable, with wonderfully mellow, loving personalities. They have been each other’s best friends, and playtimes with anything that rolls, jingles, bounces or flies keep them dancing happily on their quick and busy feet! When they pool their impish curiosity, they cook up lots of comical adventures and happy explorations! Adorable Angus has the best tabbyman stripes, big eyes perfectly outlined in black,  and a soft sweep of dove gray up his kissable little pink nose! These sweet siblings are lovable, beautiful, and playful, and will be darling additions in loving forever homes that will cherish them. Affable and affectionate Angus would love to be your beloved boy! This litter of kittens is a little shy and will need some time to adjust to a new environment.

Littermates:  Acer, Annie
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