Ara is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

5 months old

In her elegant, polished, purrfect tuxedo, lovely Ara is always dressed to impress! A set of long, sparkling white whiskers and soft jade green eyes make her a true beauty. Her personality is gentle, so though she has learned to enjoy little games and simple toys, she does get spooked by loud noises or quick movements. But she loves a good chat and will seek out her foster home’s older child to be petted and have a little conversation! She’s still not comfortable with cuddles but will likely decide those are good too with a little more time and patience. This sweetheart’s beautiful, bold purr is an excellent gauge of how comfortable she is getting with attention and affection, and her happy “biscuit-making” skills are getting more impressive by the day! She gets along with other cats but has not had exposure to dogs or young children. Could this best-dressed, articulate darling named Ara find comfort and security in the patient, welcoming circle of your gentle love?

Please note:

  • Ara needs a home with no young children
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