Franny is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

16 weeks old

Darling Franny is a picture-perfect girly-girl kitten, always beautifully polished and sweetly affectionate, with a touch of tease! With three boisterous brothers it’s no surprise that this little doll knows how to hold her own in busy romps and races, and comical adventures and kitten explorations! She’s agile and athletic even though she attired in a classically elegant, silken combination of dramatic black and white! Sparkling bright white feet, like velvet ballet slippers, have earned her the nickname “Twinkle Toes” When she cuddles up cozily with you or presses her pretty satin pink nose against you, you know that this little doll is as affectionate as she is gorgeous. This happy, loving little tuxedo clad darling will be a delightful and devoted addition in a forever home that will cherish her. Beautiful, lovable Franny hopes she’s the precious girly-girl for you!

Littermates:  Franky, Freddy, Frosty
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