Freddy is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

Orange w/ White
15 weeks old

Who can resist Freddy, the most classic of boy kitties, a handsome combo of cloud white and sunny orange, with soft tawny stripes and a russet ringed tail! He’s quite a hunk, but it’s his huggable personality that will win the hearts in the loving forever family he’s hoping for! He’s a blue ribbon lap-sitter who melts into welcoming arms and may reward you with long presses of his fuzzy wuzzy head into your forehead or rub his soft cheek along yours. His brothers and sister have kept him hopping in plenty of comical games and explorations and with a variety of toys that roll and jingle and bounce! But when he comes in for a landing his favorite spot will be on or near you! When he gazes at you with his big white smile and plants his snowy paws on your arm or leg, he hopes you’ll find him purrfectly irresistible! Could fun and loving Freddy be the darling new joy in your great forever family?

Littermates:  Franky, Franny, Frosty
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