Portia has been adopted!

Brown & White

Precious Portia has her pretty paws crossed for a soft, loved life after a rough early start of being displaced not once, not twice, but three times! She is extremely sweet and has been a favorite in her comfy foster home where her happy spirit makes every funny game or soft or rolling toy puts a prance in her adorable white velvet feet. This little doll is also a wonderful talker and will be happy to have a little conversation whenever you’d like! She’s a classic tabby sweetheart in her smooth, polished coat of silky ivory and gold, a purrfect combination for a little fuzzy royal! Big, beautiful, inquisitive eyes, a freckled satin nose, and a dark caramel forehead “M” make her a true tabby treasure. She takes a little time to warm up, but once shes comfortable she's very friendly. This darling’s affectionate nature is all cuddles and love and gentleness and will make her a beloved and devoted addition in a forever home as sweet as she is. Could endearing Portia be the darling doll you’ve been hoping for?