Luna Moon has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair

Little Luna Moon was found wandering alone and hungry and looking very lost and was placed in a nurturing and patient foster home. There, with excellent TLC, she has become a happy, spritely, fluffbug who loves to play, especially chasing anything that rolls, and leaping like a fuzzy ballerina for dangly string toys! This sweetie brings an observant, cautious nature to every new experience, knows how to entertain herself, and can’t resist exploring any nook or cranny. She can co-exist with other cats, but, probably due to some experience when she was lost and wandering, does prefer they keep their distance. She has not met dogs or children. Her dream would be to have a home where she is the protected little housepanther, precious to her people. Could darling, deep-night black Luna Moon be your treasured jewel?