Bonnie has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Gray and White

Lovebug Bonnie is the deeply bonded, look alike sister of cuddlebug Clyde, a darling duo of kitten fun and fuzzy affection! She loves her brother so much that she may cry if he is out of sight for long, and visa versa! Playtime is always big fun when your best friend is your favorite playmate too, and this little sweetheart loves a hopping good time with every kind of toy and plenty of funny antics, explorations, and adventures! This adorable girl loves her people too and a chance to cuddle is almost as wonderful as a chance to frolic! As her foster mom says, “These are just the sweetest kittens with everyone!”  Maybe not quite everyone because while she is good with cats and kids, she’s not fond of dogs! Her soft, silky coat of elegant dove gray and marshmallow white complements her long-legged, ballerina beauty, and a purrfectly “draped” petal pink nose and sweet smile make her the most kissable of cuties! This fuzzy wuzzy doll is snuggly, happy, and playful, a loving beauty through and through and will be a darling delight in a family as sweet as she is. Beautiful, easy-to-love Bonnie hopes she and her darling brother Clyde can be the precious double joy in your world!

Littermate:  Clyde