Oreo has been adopted!

Maine Coon Mix

Irresistibly out-going Oreo lost his home when his former person lost hers. In his welcoming foster home it became quickly apparent that this sweetie had weathered the hardships and was ready to embrace a second chapter with gusto! He knows what it takes to make a great impression, starting with his handsome attire! His pristine white and polished black suit is silky, soft, and dense, and his picture perfect face is ado4ned with precisely placed black “drapes” around his rosy nose and big, winning smile! But a great looking guy can’t get by on only good looks, and this darling guy has that covered too! He’s happily energetic when there’s an opportunity to play with any kind of toy or romp through funny little explorations and adventures! And his friendliness is extended to everyone he meets in the hopes that petting and attention will soon come his way. Adorable Oreo yearns to be a beloved boy in a sweet forever home where loving affection and security will be his. Could he be the perfect guy for you?  Oreo needs to have a cat training in his new home, he thinks that getting on the counters is ok and love bites is his way of showing love and affection, if this type of love is ok with you Oreo is your boy, I like them with spice do you? Oreo would do best with a seasoned cat owner! We have found that Oreo is not to happy with other cats and would be happiest as an only cat.