Shirley has been adopted!


It’s easy to tell when sweet Shirley likes you because she purrs enthusiastically and rolls over for soft tummy tickles! Conversation is one this beauty’s talents too, so expect her to keep up nicely when you feel like a chat! And playtimes are a favorite part of this doll’s day especially if jinglebell balls are in play. She loves her BFF, Maya, a little black lovebug beauty, and a home where they get to stay together would be super special!  She’s unsure of other cats at first but does get used to them in time, and she’s gotten along fine with small children. A gaze from her big, soulful eyes, a hug of her one-of-a-kind, gold-dusted tortie coat, and her steady, gentle purr are all it takes to bring sunshine to anyone’s spirits! What a joy this jewel is sure to be in a great forever home that will cherish her. If Maya comes too, a lifetime of double joy is ahead! Darling Shirley has her little bags packed and can’t wait to meet you!