Siamese Mix
Chocolate pt

Frieda is one of two regally beautiful and deeply affectionate matching sisters. She and sister Maize have been loved and cared for by someone who tried hard but lost her ability to care for herself or them. Her journey now begins a sweet new chapter of finding love in a secure and adoring new home. She is a super devoted and super loving girl full of cheek rubs and cozy cuddles. She also has shown no fear of other cats or her foster home’s big lab, and, of course, adores her always-near sister! Her intelligence, curiosity and fearlessness makes what’s beyond the front door very intriguing, so a little extra vigilance is needed to ensure she doesn’t go scouting! She’s always attired beautifully for lounging luxuriously in a densely soft and classic suit of tawny mocha gorgeously highlighted with rich, dark chocolate! Could a darling girl full of loving devotion and sweet affection be the new jewel for you? Beautiful fluffbug Frieda hopes you say “Yes,” and would love it if together she and Maize could be your precious pair of purrfect little royals!