Jasmine has been adopted!

Siamese Mix

This blue-eyed, blue-ribbon beauty is darling Jasmine. She’s gorgeous on the outside and sweet as sugar through and through! This precious cuddlebug loves to snuggle close to you and especially hopes she can spend the night that way. Her happy spirit is full of vim and vigor for every kind of toy and kitty game, and this good-natured doll gets along great with other cats and with small children. She was cast adrift long enough to still be curious about the outdoors, so some extra vigilance around open doors may be wise. But she’s easily distracted by any toy, opportunity to play, or food. She may look like a princess, but her love of wet food is entirely down to Earth! She could not be more classically beautiful in her luxurious coat of creamy ivory accessorized by perfect dark chocolate ears, paws, and tail, and a showstopping face with those sapphire eyes and a satin nose surrounded by deep brown velvet! She’s as irresistible as her flower namesake and will be a joy in a forever family that adores her! Could lovebug Jasmine cuddle up in your cozy family!