Kitten 21148 has been adopted!

Brown & Whire

Darling Kitten 21148 is as sweet and loving as she is beautiful in her soft brown and white suit of beautiful tabby stripes. Snuggling cozily is one of her favorite things as she purrs her lovely, happy purr to show her appreciation. As soon as she sees you she’ll hope you’ll soon sit down so she can hop into your lap to be cuddled and loved on. Along with her spunky play mates, this doll loves every kind of toy and kitten game, but she is always gentle and sweet no matter how lively playtimes get. Her pretty little white velvet ballet slippers, bib, and tummy add to her irresistible cuteness, and cute pink nose and smile make her truly picture-purrfect! Could this adorable and affectionate cuddlebug be the precious  jewel for you?