Porky has been adopted!

Orange With white

Bright-eyed Porky is a classic creamsicle cutie - sunny orange and creamy vanilla and sweet as can be! With his ornate tabby forehead “M” his pedigree as an American tabby shorthair is also part of his impressive resume! He’s a heartthrob for sure when he gazes at you lovingly hoping for a little attention and maybe even some hugs and snuggles! Who could resist that handsome face with its pouty pink mouth and rosy button nose and awesome set of bright white whiskers? He gets along great with other cats and is a spunky guy when there’s an opportunity to chase whatever rolls, or bounce and pounce just for the joy of it! Such a happy, mellow, loving boy is sure to be an easy-going addition in a forever home as sweet as he is. Could purrfectly companionable Porky be the cuddlebug boy for you?