Ben has been adopted!


This bouncing lovebug of a boy is Ben! He’s as enthusiastic about romping and rowdying with his brother Alex as he is snuggling up cozily with you! Like a furry little baby, he loves to lay back in the crook of your arm while he kneads the air with his silky-soft paws and delightedly purrs his utter content! Another favorite pastime is rubbing his velvety cheek against your face and giving your nose a little kitten love nibble. His play style is high-spirited and should probably be watched with a small child or smaller kitten. He gets along also with dogs. A picture-perfect face brushed with gold, highlighted with gorgeous black stripes and bold eyeliner and lots of bright white from nose to toes, makes him a true blue-ribbon boy! Such a purrasaurus sweetheart, full of spunkiness and love, will be a great addition in a forever home as wonderful as he is. Could cuddlebug Ben bring his incomparable talent for fun and affection to you?

Littermate:  Alex