Libra has been adopted!


She’s extraordinarily lovely inside and out, and her name is Libra! To an artist’s eye she is a masterpiece of gorgeous black, ivory, and gold brushstrokes and patches, but to a lucky family she will be a gentle, loving, companionable sweetheart. Her much-loved brother Leo is her great playmate, and she rarely uses her claws on him or toys and never on any human! She and Leo would make a wonderful bonded pair! This darling loves attention, especially sitting next to you or on a blanket in your lap or nestled with you in a recliner. She’d prefer not being picked up, but she won’t resist if you insist. The older cats in her foster home can make her a little uneasy and, like her brother, loud noises scare her, but she is really good with older kids. Her one-of-a-kind calico coat is silky smooth and bunny-soft, perfect for such a precious girl! Such a gentle joy will be a darling addition in a forever home that will treasure her. Could beautiful, loving Libra be the perfect jewel for you?

Littermate:  Leo