Malcolm has been adopted!


Meow-velous Malcomb and his sweet sister Ainsley are a very bonded pair, so they are looking for a home where their future will be together. What they will bring is double the love and double the fun because they are a pure joy! They are the friendliest sweethearts who love to be held and snuggled and melt right into your lap or arms! Romping and racing and wrestling with each other keep them on their toes during lots of happy playtimes until they’re ready for those cozy cuddles! They have been exposed to bigger cats and small dogs but not children. They were nurtured in their foster home by their wonderful young mamacat Jessica who certainly had beautiful babies, the softest little fluffballs in coats of beautiful grays and marshmallow white, with pink button noses, and pouty pink smiles. Heart-melting, soulful eyes make them simply picture-perfect precious dolls! With their sweet, out-going personalities and irresistible cuteness, a lucky forever family is going to get sweet joy times two! Malcom and ainsley would be a great pair

Mother: Jessica
Littermate:  Ainsley