Maeve is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

Black w/ gold
1 year old

Maisy and Maeve two bonded sisters were adopted as kittens and recently returned due to no fault of their own the adopters developed allergies.. They are the sweetest cats. They do most things together like eating, sleeping and playing together. They have adjust fine to our adoption room with the other kitties. They are good with young kids no exposure to dogs. They both love treats. These girls would cry as kittens when they were separated and still seem to look for the other when one is gone. Would do best in an experience cat home.

She is a sweet girl like her sister, she is extremely affectionate. She is the cuddliest and kindest, gentlest cat. She has a beautiful exotic bangal tabby coat. She is constant in search of human affection. She loves rubbing against her humans and begs for cuddles and face rubs. She is on the chunky side, she can nervously eat when stressed out. Even when not stressed she definitely loves to eat.  Maeve may take some time to come around she is shyer in new situations compared to her sister but once she feels safe and reassured she will immediately be your best friend.

Littermates:  Maisy, Millie

Please note:

  • Maeve is ok with small children
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