Bogart is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

7 months old

With his pouty little mouth and big, soulful eyes, Bogart has a lot in common with his famous Hollywood namesake! He’s a talented heartthrob who flips over playfully on his back to get you to rub his fuzzy wuzzy belly! Works every time! And at bedtime he’ll be scouting out his comfy spot in the big bed with you! He’s a fun-loving boy too who loves all his toys, especially any that roll, and wears himself out playing and running happily then hopes there’s a spot next to you for a nice little snooze! He’s done well with well-behaved and calm dogs and likes older children, but small children make him look for a spot to escape! A sugar-dusted kissy face, bright white bib, adorable snow white toes, and sleek and silky dark stripes make him a super Hollywood-handsome snugglebug award winner! He is play play play all day long and would love a kitty companion that will match his energy. Bouncy, loving Bogart has his bags packed and hopes to soon be the classic tabbyman treasure in a great forever family! How about yours?!

Please note:

  • Bogart needs a playmate in his new home
  • Bogart needs a home with no young children
  • Bogart is ok with dogs
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Questions about Bogart? Please call our Petco adoption center at (559) 222-0228 or e-mail