Alanon has been adopted!


The handsomest markings and the cuddliest nature belong to wonderful Alanon! This darling boy, with the bright white toes, sparkling bib, and awesome tabby forehead “M”, is a lovebug who will readily come to you for snuggles and kisses once the playtime winds down. He may even interrupt the high-spirited fun that he cooks up with his siblings! He romps and races with happy enthusiasm and also gets along with children and well-behaved dogs, and especially loves his “honorary uncle” who is his fosters’ adult male cat! His mellow personality makes him an irresistibly companionable little guy, and one who couldn’t be more handsome, fun-loving, or affectionate! Gorgeous striped “sleeves” and a lux coat of soft, warm browns make him a picture-perfect sweetheart! What a darling addition this great little guy will be in a forever family that will treasure him. Could awesome Alanon be the No. 1 classic brown tabby boy for you?

Littermates:  Ander, Aratria