Ander has been adopted!


Meet jump-for-joy Ander who’s so adorably affection he will jump right into your arms if they look welcoming! Then he’ll bury his handsome little head under your chin and purr his big purr sweetly as he soaks up the people attention he loves! This happy-spirited cuddlebug is dog friendly, very enthused about food, loves gazing at birds out a window, is good with children and other cats, and can’t resist a crinkle toy or any toy for that matter! As if his resume couldn’t be more impressive, he’s also extraordinarily handsome in his beautiful mocha coat with expertly placed dramatic dark stripes and bright white highlighted eyes, smile, bib, and dancing feet! This great little guy looks a bit like a wildcat, but he’s a cuddlebug kitty through and through! Could darling Ander be the forever joy for you?

Littermates:  Alanon, Aratria