Ginger is available for adoption at our Clovis Petco Adoption Center

14 weeks old

When you’re the sister of three spunky orange brothers, and you are orange yourself, it’s a sure bet that you are a spicy girl, and Ginger sure is! Her spirit is fearless, and she gives those brothers a run for their money in any game or adventure they all cook up! As entertaining as that is, she’s most adorable as a sunny orange, bunny-soft cuddlebug who loves to snuggle up sweetly to soak up any affection. She’s a special sweetheart in another way too because only about 30% of orange tabby kitties are girls! A crisp white bib and fuzzy belly add to her cuteness. This doll has it all, a great fun-loving personality and a big heart for her people. She and her tawny brothers all love kids and bigger cats but have not been exposed to dogs. They all know how to keep their people smiling and readily bring their sweetness to open arms and welcoming laps! Could pert and perky Ginger bring her sweet orange girl joy to your family’s forever love?

Littermates:  Fish, Simba, Thomas

Please note:

  • Ginger is ok with small children
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