Fish is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

Orange Darker
14 weeks old

Wide-eyed, sweet-faced Fish is a total doll of a boy in a classic tawny orange, smooth and silky, easy-care suit! This affectionate little guy’s favorite place to relax is tucked up under his human grandma’s chin or on her chest for cozy cuddles and sweet snuggles and a comfortable snooze. With his darling brothers and sister, kitten games and adventures are never dull, and this loving little spunkmeister always holds his own in the bouncing and pouncing. His big curiosity once caused him to fall into a toilet which he promptly backpedaled out of, never to repeat that little embarrassment! What an irresistible blend of affection and fun this tabbysaurus treat is! He and his sibs all love kids and get along well with bigger cats but have not been exposed to dogs. They play happily and hard and may be found all plopped together in a kitten cuddle puddle to recharge and dream of their triumphs! What a sunny-spirited joy precious Fish will be in a forever family as sweet as he is! Could fanTABBulous Fish be your beloved new  boy!

Littermates:  Ginger, Simba, Thomas

Please note:

  • Fish is ok with small children
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