Thomas is available for adoption at our Clovis Petco Adoption Center

14 weeks old

Irresistible Thomas has the cutest polka dot tummy and the gentlest personality of his batch of four sunshiny sweethearts! One look into those beautiful, soulful eyes and it’s easy to see what a loving little charmer he is! He’s a calm and gentle and kind little guy, but when there’s a romping, rowdy playtime with his sibs, he’ll be right in the middle of it giving it his all! They’re a sweet batch, so the rough and tumble stays fun and never gets alarming. This happy little tabbyman loves every kind of toy and brings his big curiosity to every funny adventure and snoopy exploration. Cuddling with his people or his siblings is his favorite thing when he isn’t playing, and cozy blankets or stray clothes do just fine when no one is available to snuggle. He and his brothers and sister all love kids and bigger cats but have not been exposed to any dogs. Everything about them is warm-spirited, fun-loving, and happy. Could classic orange Thomas be the precious tabbysaurus treasure for your loving forever family?

Littermates:  Fish, Ginger, Simba

Please note:

  • Thomas is ok with small children
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