Penny Candy has been adopted!


Sugar sweet Penny Candy has lovingly nurtured her darling kittens and is ready to retire from motherhood and be someone’s cherished girl. This beautiful young mama is full of curiosity and alert to whatever is going on, but has an easy-going good nature about everything. Bird watching and luxurious naps in a sunny window make her happy, but her favorite spot is in your lap where she nestles right in to be petted and sometimes have a little chat! In addition to her humans and her kittens, she has gotten along well with other cats, and dogs, and kids. She’s always beautifully attired in her polished tortie suit of elegant black and shimmering gold, accentuated by big, bright, liquid amber eyes and an extra long set of glistening whiskers. Gentle, loving sweetheart, Penny Candy, hopes to soon be a precious addition in a forever home of her very own. How about yours?

Children:  Abbie, Alice, Andy