Don’t tell JoJo but his foster mom says he’s a mama’s boy! She also reports that this very handsome little tabbyman has outgrown his earlier babyhood shyness and his baby pajamas becoming both bolder and bigger! He’s as classic a marmalade tabby as you will find and shows every indication of being someone’s awesome big orange guy some day! He hasn’t been exposed to bigger cats (except his excellent mamacat Gidget) or dogs or children, but he’s had four bouncy pouncy siblings to help him cook up a long list of games and romps and share all the fun and favorite kitty toys. After a good play session or a good meal he’s the best napper ever and brings new meaning to the definition of relaxation! He’s a fuzzy wuzzy imp and a sweetheart through and through,  dressed in silky apricot-to-russet and soft ivory stripes. Could this jaunty boy named JoJo be the touch of orange joy for your loving forever home?