Alli is a true tabby beauty with her extraordinary coat of dramatic black silky stripes and her perky picture-perfect face! But the sweetest thing about this cutiepie girlie is her happy lovebug personality! Her friendliness is irresistible, and her little busybody nature is highly entertaining! She’s likes to be scooped up to be held and snuggled, but she may only stay until she thinks of her next important task! There’s always something fun to investigate and four lively siblings to pull into her orbit of rascally fun! She loves her humans, her mamacat, and her sibs, but she hasn’t met any other cats, dogs, or kids. This sweetheart wears her bold tabby forehead “M” with pride because she knows a tabby girl has special managerial skills and is unsurpassed as a devoted companion! Active, affectionate, and absolutely adorable Alli hopes there’s a place in your forever circle of love for her awesome little striped self!