Darling DeeDee is a tabby doll who is ready to bond with her special forever people. This cute-as-a-button sweetheart takes a little time to wisely assess new situations, then comes for cozy lap time and to be petted and loved on. She’s a pure classic in her gorgeous coat of dark and light stripes, darling black “sleeve” stripes, and gray velvet feet. Her sweet little face has the brightest eyes and poutiest smile, perfectly highlighted in sugary white. Four high-spirited siblings have been her busy playmates, and a loving tortie mamacat has taught her all the important lessons. She has not been exposed yet to any other cats, dogs, or children. A sweet forever home where she will be a gentle, loving, and treasured jewel is what this tabby doll dreams of. Could you be the answer to adorable DeeDee’s dreams?