Take it from her five beautiful, bouncing babies - Beautiful Gidget has been a great mom! And now this sweetheart gets to retire from that challenging role and bask in the affection and comfort of an adoring forever family of her own. She’s so easy to love, with her very sweet nature and deep love of human attention. Her endearing personality and nurturing nature are reflected in her gorgeous gold eyes and a beautiful purr that she shares generously. As a proud momcat she has been endlessly entertained by the curiosity and hijinks of her busy kittens, but she hasn’t been exposed to other cats, dogs or kids. In her silky, sleek black and gold tortoishell coat, this darling is always elegantly attired for any occasion and uniquely accessorized by a chic splash of white “lipstick” and pearl “polish” on a couple of toesies! She’s a doll from the tip of her ears to the tip of her tail and precious through and through! Could your forever home be the answer to darling Gidget’s fondest wish to be someone’s beloved golden-eyed girl?