Squiggy's adoption is in progress!

Domestic Short Hair
Black and White
12 weeks old

Squeezably adorable Squiggy and Iggy are described by their excellent foster mom as “very happy, fun, adventurous, and delightful kittens. They are both big snuggle boys who like to curl up on or beside their foster parents as they purr their sweet contentment. They are a true joy”. She describes their love of playtimes with each other and other kittens, chasing each other’s tails, romping, and racing, chasing anything that rolls, leaping for the wand toys, and zipping up and down their cat tree. Their very friendly personalities have extended to the bigger cats in their foster home, but they have not been exposed to dogs or kids. Big, bold curiosities make them the happiest little explorers who are fearless and out-going and so easy to love! Big, bright eyes and precious, perky faces make them purrfectly irresistible cuddlebugs! Both of these affectionate and fun-loving brothers have their bags packed and their running shoes on, ready to race right into the hearts of loving forever homes.  Could Squiggy or Iggy or both adorable boys be your heart’s desire?

Littermate:  Iggy