Kitten 21495 is available for adoption

Domestic Short Hair
Black and White
5 months old

Who’s that busy, bustling little cutie popping in and out of any open cupboards and closets? It’s adorable Kitten 21495, a soft black and white beauty with gorgeous golden eyes and a happy spring in her step! Adventures and explorations keep her bouncing along, but never far from her people, and other kittens, cats, and a small dog have added to the fun! Noisy toys are her favorites and playtimes have no particular schedule! Her silky coat is dense, bunny-soft, and shiny, and in a darkened room her beautiful gold eyes may be the only thing you see! She’s a fun-loving and affectionate little sweetheart who will be a joy in a protective and loving forever home. Could sweet Kitten 21495 be the precious ebony gem in your life?

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