Kitten 21498

Brown & White

Who’s a good good boy? That would be wonderful Henry who brings his friendly, mellow spirit to everything he does and everyone he meets! He’s confident and independent, so neediness is not in his resume! His fun-loving littermates are his constant playmates, and if a toy rolls, flies, bounces, or crinkles it gets his full attention! This happy, handsome little guy also does well with other cats and small dogs. Brownd and white tabby boys are the most classic of cats, and this dapper doll is a perfect example in his rippling  pattern of soft stripes, impressive russet tabby forehead “M”, and big, silky, pristine white bib! When he lounges he sprawls luxuriously, confident in his ability to bring a companionable and serene vibe wherever he is. What a great forever friend he will be in a home that loves everything such a well-rounded boy has to offer. Kitten 21498 hopes he’s the purrfect hunk of fun and love for you!

White on right ear