Daisy's adoption is in progress!

Tabby / Domestic Medium Hair
White and brown
14 weeks old

Daisy is very playful and curious, not a bit needy, and always with a new game idea up her furry sleeve! When the adult cats seem willing to join the fun, she’ll convinced them to hop right into the fun too! When her spunky side slows down she becomes a lovey cuddler who likes to be picked up to be petted and snuggled before she settles in for a nap in the hammock on the cat tree. When she’s cozied up with her sister in the dark, she can easily be identified by the little crook in her tail that she’s has since birth. This pretty girl’s extra dense coat is bunny-soft, and her petal pink nose has one uniquely adorable freckle! With her comfortable independence and companionable affection, sweet Daisy will be a darling addition in a loving forever home.

Littermate:  Minnie

Please note:

  • Daisy is shy and needs a quiet home
Daisy and her Sister Minnie