Minnie has been adopted!

Calico / Domestic Medium Hair

Could this little calico face be any more adorable? It belongs to precious Minnie, “an incredibly sweet and beautiful girl” according to her foster mom, who is deeply bonded to her darling sister Daisy. Their dream is to get to stay together because a future with each other’s very best friend would be pawsitively purrfect! Playtime is at the top of her favorite things, especially hopping around and popping out of empty boxes, and of course Minnie is her best playmate and also her favorite cuddle buddy. She’s been comfortable with adult cats and small dogs too and has been known to get them to join in some of the sisters’ happy romps. This little beauty’s one-of-kind-kind coat of ivory, gold, and inky black patches is calico perfection, and her precious face is irresistibly sweet with its little splash of black on her rosy pink nosey, just like her sister’s! Could this loving, lively doll and, hopefully, Daisy too, bring their double joy to the circle of your forever affection? Minnie sure hopes they can!

Littermate:  Daisy
Minnie and her sister Daisy