Geordi is available for adoption at our Friant Rd Petco Adoption Center

Domestic Short Hair
17 weeks old

Inky black Geordi is as playful and curious as he is handsome and friendly. He may not leap tall buildings in a single bound, but he can zip up and down the cat tree with gold medal agility and speed and follow up with a string of happy games and explorations! He’s been fostered with his siblings and other cats who are his lively playmates, and he’s also done well with well-behaved children. This bouncy boy is cloud-soft with a silky coat that shines like it’s been polished but is as easy-care as he is! A sweet and mellow nature makes him loving but not clingy, and he can always be counted on to use his love of fun and his companionable affection to brighten any day! This great little guy is sure to be an impressive big guy some day and the sweetest housepanther any forever home could as for! Could darling Georgia find a lifetime of security and love with you?

Littermates:  Hugh, Wesley, Will
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