Kitten 21540 is not ready for adoption

Domestic Short Hair
14 weeks old

If it rolls, bounces, flies, crinkles, crunches, or can be batted across the floor, happy-go-lucky lovebug Kitten 21540 will make it his instant favorite! This handsome little ball of enthusiasm can’t resist a playtime or any type of toy and his lively best friend Kitten 21540 he dream up plenty of funny kitten adventures and explorations to keep their busy paws on the go! When he’s ready to rest, he snuggles up cozily in his jet-black bunny-soft coat hopes there are chin and ear scratches coming his way! With his mellow, affectionate, fun-loving personality, this darling boy is sure to be a joyful addition in a great forever home. Could adorable Kitten 21540 be the perfect boy for you?

Littermate:  Kitten 21537