Yoshi has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Blue pt

Beautiful Yoshi is a blue-eyed sweetheart with a gentle spirit, the most timid of her sibling group. Batting and chasing jinglebell balls and romping and racing with her brothers and sister make every day happy and lively, but her quiet nature is also a big part of her adorable personality. Being petted and having her beautiful dark velvety ears and picture-perfect face rubbed while she sits in your lap are her most favorite things! Her sweetness has also extended to well-behaved dogs, also great with kids. What a gorgeous little girlie she is in her plush coat of silky softness the color of a perfect latte! Her meezer markings are also perfection, and extraordinary eyes the blue of deep water make this doll a perfect little enchantress! Could this precious girl named Yoshi be the  affectionate and gently fun-loving jewel for you?

Littermates:  Velvet, Yaki, Zak ( Anakin), Zenni