Zak ( Anakin) has been adopted!

Russian Blue Mix

Gorgeous Zak is always dressed to impress in his berry blue, soft as a cloud, suit of fuzzy plush. He’s a totally laid back little dude who loves to sprawl across his human’s lap or be carried around like a baby. Being with his people is instant happiness, and he has a funny reputation of being the first kitten to bound out of the room when the kitten room door opens! Watching him scamper, bat, wrestle, and romp with his high-spirited siblings is endlessly entertaining to any observers This darling guy is great with kids and has gotten along with well-behaved dogs. He’s equal parts sweet scamp and plush cuddlebug and is sure to be a berry special treasure in a loving forever family that adores him. Could handsome, happy, snuggly Zak be the purrfect addition for you?

Littermates:  Velvet, Yaki, Yoshi, Zenni