Zenni has been adopted!


Exotic looking Zenni is dressed for drama in her beautiful tortie ensemble of rich black, gold, and ivory. But this sweetie couldn’t be further from a drama queen! Hugely lovable, with a constant lovely purr, she adores nothing more than getting to sit in your lap to be petted and loved on. She’s a sweetheart through and through, but she also loves to play! In all the happy playtimes with her darling siblings, this little doll is a bold participant often leading the way in their many kitten explorations and funny adventures. She chases anything that rolls, and scampers from here to there just for the delight of it! With her out-going personality she has been fine with well-behaved dogs, and is great with kids. If a beautifully attired purrbug, with big soulful eyes, a deep affection for her people, and not a bit of diva in her nature sounds like a little dreamgirl for your forever love, precious Zenni hopes your lap is waiting just for her!

Littermates:  Velvet, Yaki, Yoshi, Zak ( Anakin)