Cat 21598 (Sonny) is not ready for adoption

Domestic Short Hair
7 months old

Sweet Kitten 21598 Sonny is purrfectly matched to his name! He’s warm, bright, and full of endless energy! With his lively spirit and sense of fun, it’s no surprise that he’s the leader of his pack of bouncy, pouncy siblings! If there is some kitten mischief to be found, you can bet he’ll be the first one to explore! When it’s time for a nap he will be on the lookout for the nearest, welcoming warm lap to curl up in for a cozy snooze! At the end of his busy day, he turns into a cuddly lovebug whose irresistibly adorable face will wish you the sweetest Good Night! What could be better, day or night, than your own ray of sunshine named Sonny!

Littermate:  Cat 21597 (Regina)