Kitten 21603

Domestic Short Hair
Buff and White

With her quiet spirit, darling Kitten 21603 is a contrast to her bouncy, pouncy! She never gets tired of the romps, laser pointer games, kitten adventures and explorations, and has a big curiosity that has her checking out any place her brave little self can get into! But if you have time, a belly rub will always be her first choice and rewarded with her instant sweet purr! She’s also generous with gentle head boops for any affection that comes her way when she sits with you! As busy as her day may be, at bedtime you will find her snuggling with you! She seems to love a quiet environment and has gotten along with an older resident cat and especially with older, calmer children. This precious little girl will be a joy in a forever home as loving as she is. Could sweet Kitten 21603 be your darling new treasure?