Cat 21605 is available for adoption

Orange and White
7 months old

Meet marvelous Kitten 21605, a handsome hunk if there ever was one! His soft, elegant suit of silky, creamy buffy stripes is polished and perfect for every occasion! When you’re this handsome it’s a great bonus that you also love to chat, because everyone will want to talk to you, and this congenial little guy can always hold up his end of a conversation! But fun is a priority too, and he has three lively siblings, so the romps and races are plentiful and usually comical. This sweetheart also has a talent for making something fun out of anything he can get his perfect white paws on, and he likes bigger cats and is great with people! Such a handsome, happy, lovable little guy is sure to be a great addition in a forever home as wonderful as he is. Could darling Kitten 21605 be the furry ambassador of happiness for you?

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